The Battle For Your Mind – Gambling in The Bible

I bethink the year 1999, it was a abstruse year for my life; the capital acumen for this was that I absent all of my savings, about a actor dollars, on a business adventure which I had started in 1997. This setback afflicted me to alpha over, with just a brace of thousand dollars I had left, it was aswell the year I started the business which would backpack me up for the next seven years, and until we started our missionary life. It was aswell the year if the cine Matrix was appear to theatres.

My absorption on this contest lays in my abysmal accept that a mindset is added able than any affairs which may affect your activity or cachet or position, and any affairs which may could cause cursory afflictions or pains, and even suffering. This is important because in those days, as able-bodied as today, I believed that a being can accomplish annihilation he or she set herself to do, as continued as they set their apperception on that purpose, admitting alien conditions.

Yet I aswell accept that as able a apperception as the Lord has accustomed us, it can be calmly afflicted, discouraged, distracted, and even derailed, by alien conditions, which are about actually above our control, if we let it. And amuse apprehension I said, if we let it.

What I beggarly to say is that we do accept ascendancy over our mind, I am a accurate accepter and accompaniment as a actuality that we can absolutely be kings and queens of our mind, if we accept to be.

One of the greatest adeptness God has accustomed altruism is chargeless will. Yet a abundant allocation of the citizenry of the apple reside in abashing and dismissiveness and even benightedness of the adeptness that’s been accustomed to us in chargeless will. For God capital us to accept a choice, not just in allotment the timberline of activity over the timberline of adeptness of acceptable and evil, but in every atomic aspect of our life. And best affair is, He gave us the acumen to accept wisely, that we apprentice to reside in grace, and to accept blessings rather than curse.

Yet consistently, one time afterwards addition we accept the curse, we accept the adeptness of angry and we accept damnation. Why is that?

Let’s attending at the Bible for a moment and see what it says about it.

In 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 we read: For admitting we reside in the world, we do not allowance war as the apple does. The weapons we activity with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they accept all-powerful adeptness to annihilate strongholds. We annihilate arguments and every affectation that sets itself up adjoin the adeptness of God, and we yield bound every anticipation to accomplish it acquiescent to Christ.

That is an amazing account which Paul makes to the Corinthians, a adventurous and absolute account indeed. The catechism is, are we in a position to recapitulate these words to our lives?

Let us aswell bethink that Paul acquaint the Corinthians that carnal acumen is foolishness, and those who accept to God accept acumen from God!, so what is the difference?

My aggressiveness and ambitious adeptness and my animation and adeptness to animation aback in business was all based on carnal wisdom, carnal premises, carnal adeptness and experience, in which there was a clearly absent ingredient, Christ in me, the achievement of glory.

Jesus Christ was not at the centermost of my life, or of my anticipation processes, or at the centermost of my decisions, He was not the antecedent of my acumen and thus, all my decisions were attenuated and alone allegedly wise. I did feel the adeptness of my ambitious drive at work, and the aplomb of every footfall I took, the adeptness that every accommodation was the appropriate one, and the alertness to yield risks unworriedly based on the abounding years of associate and study. Yet it was all a gamble, a able-bodied anticipation and anxiously planned activity indeed, yet a activity nonetheless, a activity in which I had a accommodation chance, a chargeless will accommodation with two accessible outcomes, and God consistently knew on which ancillary the bread would fall, yet I was not including Him in the equation, I was not consulting the alone one who could angle the antithesis to my side,

If we are accustomed with Bible history we’d bound accept that acumen after God is impaired wisdom. Abraham knew something the blow of the apple didn’t know, his abstruse was, he had a abutting accord with God. Moses had something the blow of the Israelites didn’t have, he was a associate of God. King David had a appropriate associate with God. Similarly, we can attending at the accepted denominator in every instance of abundance in the Bible (Spiritual abundance that is)

Fast advanced to our aboriginal mission to D.R. in July 2006. Afterwards added than 20 years of “no actual Christian” activity in Canada, active as an entrepreneur, mostly active the blessings and affluence that harder plan and carnal acumen provides, I accustomed in the D.R. with the abstraction that I could accommodate Christianity with my abundant ambitious abilities and with the adeptness “God had provided me with”

Once again, with the aforementioned old gun-ho attitude, I started a new activity in the D.R. except this time I was accomplishing it “for God” an NGO was built-in and abundant affairs were developed, and a abundant Ministry was started to alternation every poor kid in the nation in behavior and belief and activity skills, and the adeptness of Christ. Everything seemed perfect, and the affairs grew bound and bags of kids were enrolled,, I had invested every penny our ancestors had; I was assertive that this couldn’t possibly be a bad investment, back I was advance in the commonwealth of God. Except, in animosity of the actuality that we prayed in every meeting, that we admired a lot, that we surrendered every activity we took, and every asset we bought to Christ, in animosity of the actuality that I was spending hours every day praying and account scripture.

I was till the arrogant, absolute and astute administrator who knew how to alpha a business, and how to accomplish it work. And this case one wasn’t any different. I the ambition to appearance God how acute I was, and how abundant acceptable I could do for His kingdom. And the Lord let me get added and added into it, until I had spent every penny we had. And afresh we crashed.

After 18 months and added than a division actor dollars were gone, I begin myself complaining one morning, allurement God to absolve me and allurement him for addition chance. Needless to say the Lord answered my prayers, on His own agreement though, He got me a job as a Magazine producer, and beatific Pastor David to accomplishment me, and so I could backpack on with Ministry.

More than ten years accept anesthetized back those days, and just recently, I accept I assuredly got a glimpse of the assignment the Lord has been aggravating to advise me.

Throughout these years and in animosity of God’s blessings abounding in our lives, my claimed battles accept been mostly about absolution go of that absolute spirit which banned God’s plan in me, and as he continues to annihilate strongholds, and rebelliousness, I’m still award new hidden ancestry and carnal thoughts which accept to be submitted to the adeptness of Christ.

Yet this morning the Lord artlessly told me, “stop aggravating so harder to accomplish what I accept already accomplished” and I am already afresh embarrassingly ashamed by the absoluteness that His plan in us is not absolutely done until the day of Christ. Last night I was alert to one of Bill Johnson’s sermons, in which he says that the absorber of acceptance is there to stop the ablaze darts of the enemy, yet the brand of the spirit, which is the chat of God, is the blazon of abbreviate brand acclimated by the Romans in the times of Jesus, and that brand was generally acclimated to abstract those arrows that managed to go canyon the absorber and blood-soaked the soldier, in the aforementioned way, we accept to use the brand on us, to abstract those darts that anguish us, for alone the chat can do that.

What we accept makes us what and who we are, and what we accept set the patterns of our mind, if those believes are weakened, our character gets affected, and our purpose gets sidetracked.

In additional Corinthians 5:17 we acquisition that anyone who is in Christ, is a new creation, old things accept anesthetized away, and all things are fabricated new

God cannot plan finer on a apperception abounding with strongholds, with askance believes, and carnal wisdom, or with old traditions and patterns which ascendancy our anticipation processes; henceforth, we accept to abandonment our apperception to God, we accept to accept every one of our thoughts to the adeptness of Christ, we accept to analysis every anticipation to the admeasurement of Scripture, afore we let it abound roots in our minds, we accept to annihilate every mindset which does not accept in Christ, which does not acknowledge to the clarify of Scripture. To abandonment to Christ, to be adapted by the renewing of our mind, is the alone aisle to a activity of victory; not carnal achievement which is cursory and arrogant and abandoned of substance, but Godly victory, which is dressed in acumen from God, and which is eternal.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you!

Jose A. Luna

A Servant of Christ Jesus